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Social Media Influence Manifesto

Yikes. Is it really that long since my last post here? Funny how 5 years ago you would be lambasted for “not getting it” if you didn’t post at least once every day, yet now look at us.

However, I digress. Picking up on the theme of influence, everything I do in my role as community manager for Hill & Knowlton seems to come down to measuring social media influence. So here’s my Social Media Influence Manifesto, encompassing all the things I believe to be true about how influence plays out online.

  1. Influence is determined by the receiver not the transmitter. Attempts to measure influence based on volume of output are misguided and futile.
  2. Influence is contextual. People are influential about something. Knowing what that ’something’ is, is the key to accurately measuring influence.
  3. Value is a proxy for influence. Things that people are willing to reward carry more influence for them.
  4. Influence is about behaviour. To be influential, the receiver has to do something, whether that’s change their opinion, buy a product, or pass on a joke. Measure the actions.
  5. Influential people do not influence everyone. People can be influential without influencing.
What this means for networked communications is something I intend to explore further. Let me know you thoughts on this manifesto.