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Hello boys… I’m back!

Right. So I’ve been a bit lax here as of late vis-a-vis writing stuff. I could give you a hundred different excuses, but what’s the point. The fact is that sometimes you have stuff to say and sometimes you don’t. C’est la vie.

It just so happens that I’ve spent more time watching and listening to others these last few months than I have talking. I’d recommend it to you all. A little less conversation is sometimes a good thing.

So, refreshed and refocused, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and start contributing again.

But before you go thinking I don’t know one end of the keyboard from the other, let’s have a chat about the 40,000+ I’ve already written of my next book, working title: The business marketer’s guide to social media (please, someone, suggest something cleverer and catchier than that).

B2B marketers have always had the short end of the stick. Complex products, long sales cycles and multiple buyers conspire to make their jobs much more difficult than that of their mass-market consumer-focused brethren. The same is true for social media too: if I asked you for the most memorable social media marketing you’ve seen recently, I bet that nine times out of ten it would be a consumer campaign.

Does this mean that B2B marketers just don’t know how to put together a memorable social media campaign, or that they’re more focused on making it work in real business terms than making the headlines?

I stopped writing a few months ago now, but I’m nowhere near finished. I needed to take some time to think and observe, to ask myself what business marketers really need from social media – and how my book could help. I’m not sure I know just yet, but I’m hoping that my return to blogging might help me engage in a discussion with social media strategists in B2B organisations and, ultimately, in finding the answers.