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List of Social Media Marketing Agencies

Inspired by my last post which is attempting to catalogue social media strategists working at the larger creative agencies, here’s another list designed to document the new and growing category of social media marketing agencies.

By social media marketing agency, I mean companies that derive all or the majority of their revenues by providing social media marketing services to their clients. These services could include education and training, advice and consultancy or implementation support. I’m not looking (at this stage) for technology service vendors (e.g. social media monitoring or management systems).

To get on the list:

  • Leave a comment below with a link to your website and the location of your head office;
  • Your website must show that social media marketing is the sole or main service you provide;
  • Please be patient after leaving your comment whilst I verify it and add you to the list.

List of Social Media Marketing Agencies (by head office location)




New Zealand


United Kingdom

United States