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List of Social Strategists (Freelance)

It’s apparent from some of the feedback on an earlier post that there is a growing number of freelance social strategists – individuals working for themselves who are helping small and large clients alike get to grips with social business. Whilst I’m in list mode, I wanted to give them a voice too.

So if you’re a sole trader getting paid by companies for providing social media or social business leadership, roadmap definition and governance support; and directly influencing their spending on social technologies, I want to add you to this list.

To be included:

  • Leave a comment below with a link to your public LinkedIn profile page (and your Twitter handle if you want that including);
  • The profile must indicate that social media is part of your expertise and experience;
  • You must work as a sole trader or freelancer;
  • Please be patient after leaving your comment whilst I verify it and add you to the list.