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SuperSkills and the future of knowledge work

Friend and connection Antony Mayfield pointed me to his talk at TEDxBrighton on 21 January. Titled SuperSkills he eloquently and, at times, amusingly outlines the three new skills that humanity is going to require as a direct result of the billions of connections that that web has made – and continues to make – possible.

The recording of his talk is 18 and a half minutes of your time very well spent, if only to extrapolate what these news skills – networks, sharing and focus & flow – might mean to the knowledge workers of the future. More importantly in my eyes, though, is who needs to be responsible for teaching these new skills: the education system; employers; or the individuals themselves.

The footage appears below, but I also encourage you to view Antony’s post which provides much more context and useful links to his notes, slides and more TEDxBrighton talks.