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PR in Practice: Future Skills

Last Thursday, I drove up to Leeds to give my first ‘proper’ lecture to a group of 55 MA Corporate Communications students. The module in question was called PR in Practice and my focus was digital PR.

I spent a long time considering what to cover that would be a) original and b) thought-provoking. A couple of conversations got me thinking about skills, and specifically the skills that the communicators of the future are going to need to help their employers (agency or in-house) deal with the digital media landscape.

I posted my slides to SlideShare, and they’re embedded below. There’s a little preamble, followed by the ten ‘future skills’ that I (hopefully) made a good case for. The students debated these afterwards (we spent a lot of time on humility and honesty), and finally each study group came up with a 140 character manifesto for each skill. I’ll be sharing this later, but in the mean time here are the slides themselves.

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