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How social are you?

How social are our organisations, really? For anyone tasked with navigating their company through the social quagmire, it’s a question often asked and rarely answered meaningfully.

My consultancy, Sociagility, is hoping to change that with our new social agility benchmark.

By going through the 5-10 minute online assessment (which is completely confidential), you receive an instant response that ranks and categorises you and your organisation against others.

At the end of the assessment, you’ll receive a report that gives you:

  • Your Social Agility Score – an indication of your organisation’s social agility on a 0-10 scale
  • Your Social Agility Profile – an assessment of your organisation’s progress towards social agility
  • A benchmark for how your organisation compares to others
  • Recommendations for how you can improve

Early indications are already showing that the most important factors for organisations trying to achieve competitive advantage from social media include:

  • the ability to change
  • understanding its impact on marketing
  • awareness of what is being said and
  • ensuring that activity reflects the personality of the brand

We’ll be producing a full report in due course, which you can opt in to receive as part of the assessment.

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