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Is your business suffering from any of these issues?

  • Low employee engagement or morale
  • Falling or stagnant productivity
  • Lack of effective collaboration
  • Poor intranet usage or email fatigue
  • Slow adoption of enterprise collaboration software

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many other professional services firms are experiencing the same.

But don’t let the likes of Google or Microsoft fool you into believing that their software provides a silver bullet.

I know from experience that putting in place the right software is only half of the solution, and the second half at that. First, you need to assess the situation, identify the corporate culture, and understand what will – and won’t – motivate staff to use whatever you put in place.

As one of the UK’s leading authorities on social software in the workplace, I specialise in helping companies in the professional services industries – including creative agencies, management consultancies, and accountancy and law firms – grow their businesses through the use of social technologies that engage staff, collaborate more effectively, and improve productivity.

I provide training, consulting and support to human resources, organisational development, knowledge management, information technology, and communications teams, working with you to leverage existing platforms as well as implement new, exciting mobile and social technologies.

For a confidential consultation, please contact me.