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The social brand value of the world’s biggest brands

I’ve just finished working on a major report for Sociagility, which looks at 50 of the world’s most valuable brands and re-ranks them according to their ‘social brand value’. No prizes for guessing that Google comes out on top, but some quite revealing insight into the others, including:

  • Disney fares pretty well, ranking 2nd overall but being the most consistent performer across all the attributes we evaluated.
  • Way down the ranking at 13th, Johnson & Johnson actually cleans up when it comes to receptiveness – an indicator of the more ’emotional’ side of health care and pharmaceuticals, perhaps?
  • The technology brands in the top 50 – including Apple, BlackBerry, Google and Microsoft – risk a perception of arrogance, having above average popularity scores combined with below average receptiveness scores.
  • Financial services brands (VISA, Goldman Sachs and J P Morgan Chase) are amongst the worst performing brands, but the big surprise is that telecoms brands (Deutsche Telekom, Movistar and China Mobile) are down there too.

A summary report can be downloaded from our website, or you can register to download the full version containing additional data and insight.

Will Google Chrome OS be the Enterprise 2.0 OS?


Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand today, you can’t have failed to hear that Google has announced a new project to develop the Google Chrome Operating System.

Google came pretty late to the browser party – too late in fact. So targeting the operating system itself makes perfect sense. Some say it’s a direct threat to Microsoft’s dominance of the desktop. That may turn out to be true, although I’d strongly advise Microsoft to acquire eyeOS or one of the many Web OS vendors.

What I find most interesting however, given Google’s forays into the enterprise social software space, is whether GCOS has the potential to be the first serious attempt at an Enterprise 2.0 operating system. It has everything going for it: open source; lightweight; speed; simplicity; security. Not to mention the fact that it will run any web-based application, and therefore any web-based social software application.

I fully expect to see the whole suite of Google Enterprise applications being pushed heavily through GCOS.

download I Capture the Castle

What do you think: will GCOS be the answer to all your Enterprise 2.0 prayers?