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Helping executives get things done

Over the last three weeks, I have had as many conversation with senior executives about how they can cope with the constant barrage of incoming information, mainly via email.

In various lengths of windedness, I tell them rather smugly that my inbox is empty 95% of the time. Not because no one ever sends me anything (although that may well be true) or that I just delete it, but because since January 2008 I’ve followed David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) system.

Now I don’t know why it works for me. Maybe it appeals to the left side of my brain, maybe I just like process, or maybe it just works. But I highly recommend it to any senior executive whose inboxes control them rather than the other way around. If they can get it working (and you do need to work at it for a couple of months) I can guarantee they will feel more productive, less stressed and more in control.

In fact, I think there’s such a big internal market for this I’m considering offering one-on-one coaching to H&K’s elite.

Downloadable version of Enterprise 2.0 now available!

It’s taken a while, but getting both timing and pricing right has been unbelievably difficult. However, for all those without corporate expense accounts that baulked at the price of the hardcover version, I’m relieved to announce that a downloadable PDF version of Enterprise 2.0 is now available from for just £9.99/$14.03/€11.15.

This is a complete electronic replica of the printed book in PDF format. None of that anti-social DRM involved – in this hyper-social age I hope I can trust people to respect my copyright.

To buy, you can go directly to:
For more information, go here:

Destination: Canada

In the words of my hosts, I’ve “finally realized where the action is” and will be taking the Enterprise 2.0 roadshow to Canada next week.

In what promises to be a whirlwind tour I’ll be speaking to Hill & Knowlton clients and staff in Toronto on Tuesday 7th, followed by beers at Third Tuesday that same evening. On Wednesday I fly to Ottawa and do the same thing all over again, with Third Tuesday in Ottawa on a Wednesday (these Canucks are crazy guys, aren’t they).

It’s a while since I was last in Canada, but seeing that both the literature review and foreword authors for Enterprise 2.0 are both based there, it seems like a fitting place to begin the tour.

The rest of the year currently sees the roadshow moving on to Paris and Finland in November, and Sweden in December.

Promises to be a busy end to 2008.

How did I get here?

I avoid bouts of ego-stroking wherever I can, as it’s one of the things that annoys me about this most social of media.

So on this occasion, I hope you’ll forgive me (Marc Wright would probably appreciate the traffic). His internal communications magazine, recently profiled me as part of its “How Did I Get Here?” series, joining such luminaries as Euan Semple, Steve Rubel, John Smythe, Mark Ragan, Shel Holtz, Steve Crescenzo, Neville Hobson and my soon to be ex-colleague David Ferrabee.

You can read the piece here Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit film .