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Complete a survey on corporate social media challenges

I’m working on a report for my new consultancy, Sociagility, on the internal and external challenges organisations are facing from social media. It looks at how organisations of different sizes and in different sectors and geographies think they are doing against different challenges, and how important these are.

You can contribute to the research by taking this survey. At the end, you can request to see your own report, benchmarking your organisation against others, and can sign up to have the report emailed to you when it goes live.

At the heart of this research is understanding the importance that organisations place on key contributors towards becoming ‘socially advanced’, and how well different types of companies and markets are performing against these. We feel that it’s critical for anyone responsible for social media initiatives in their organisation to know that they are doing the most important things well, but equally there is little point spending time on effort on things that aren’t important, as this could be better directed elsewhere.

This is where we need your help. In order to survey and benchmark the importance and performance of socially advanced organisations, we need to know how and what you think. We are interested in all different points of view, but especially want to hear from corporate social strategists and senior marketing and communications executives in medium to large companies across the globe.

To get you in the mood, here are some early findings so far (and here’s a bit more of the detail):

  • The biggest gap between importance and performance is in the area of metrics and return of investment.
  • Internal issues rank highly – many organisations rate their own social media policies low on the scale, even though most think they are one of the most important elements of becoming socially advanced.
  • Being true to the brand is becoming an increasingly important characteristic – although many organisations don’t think they are achieving it.

Take the survey here – it consist of just 5 questions that should take no more than 10-15 minutes.

And please spread the word too. We’d like as broad a participation as possible across different organisation sizes, sectors and geographies in order for it to be relevant and valuable to as many of you as possible.

Thanks in advance.

Will social software change the future of work?

My core thesis in Enterprise 2.0 is that social software will change the future of work.

So in an otherwise underwhelming update of McKinsey’s global survey on the state of web 2.0 in companies, I was therefore intrigued by the finding that companies satisfied with their use of web 2.0 “are not only using more technologies but also leveraging them to change management practices and organizational structures.”

Here are some of the data points that appear to back that up:

  • 38% of respondents said that their company’s use of web 2.0 technologies and tools has changed the way they communicate with customers and suppliers;
  • 16% said it has changed the way they hire and retain talent;
  • The same number said it has created major new roles or functions in their organization;
  • 14% said it has changed the way their organization is structured.

Before we get too carried away, it’s worth noting that 36% of respondents said that it hadn’t changed the way the company is managed and organized at all, although when you break that down only 8% of those who report the highest satisfaction levels with their use of web 2.0 believe that to be the case.

For me, the report is still too lightweight for a heavyweight organization like McKinsey. Maybe there’s a lot more data or analysis that they’re not making public. If so, that’s a shame because businesses need as much as they can get at the moment. If not, then they need to look at some of their more pedestrian survey questions for next year and go much, much deeper.

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